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Food Waste – Love Food, Hate Waste!

Food Waste – Love Food, Hate Waste! Win. Don’t Bin!

Food Waste Action Week 2023



It’s that time again… WRAPS Food Waste Action Week 2023.

Did you know ?…

…In the UK, we throw away 4.5 million tonnes of edible food waste a year! A quarter of food wasted is due to cooking, preparing or it could’ve been eaten but serving too much.  This costs UK households £3.5 billion each year. Bearing in mind the huge cost of living crisis, rising supply and production costs, these figures are massive and somewhat embarrassing! How can so many people go without and struggle to get food, yet so much food be wasted!

The amount of food wasted in terms of tonnes and £s is massive, but it also equates to 36 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions! This could be prevented by saving food from our bins in UK homes.

This years Love Food Hate Waste campaign and theme is  ‘Win. Don’t Bin.’ running 6th-12th March 2023.

The third annual campaign, following last years successful campaign that saw it go international with support from 80 organisations across 12 countries, is a whole week of action to shine a light on how to reduce the food we waste by making simple changes to behaviours. 

The campaign aims to increase our awareness and confidence in ‘using up leftovers’. This will have the greatest impact on reducing wasted food in the home.

Simple changes that in turn can save time and money, will ultimately reduce the impact of wasting food on climate change.

It’s great to see the #FoodWasteActionWeek and the LoveFoodHateWaste Community being supported by many #freshproduce and food manufacturing brands, suppliers, growers, clients, and fellow associates – with such an important ‘Win. Don’t bin! message when food wastage, food costs, and rising cost of living is impacting us all. 

Take the Win. Don’t Bin quiz for tips on making the most of the food you have.