STARTING A NEW JOB – some tips from Tailor Made Resources

Congratulations!  You have secured that great new job and can look forward to a fresh start in a new company.

To give yourself the best possible start in your new job, try and take some time off between jobs to leave your old job behind and prepare yourself for new beginnings.

You will have already done some research on the Company as part of your preparation for interview, but it’s a good idea to delve a bit further and find out more about the business and the people who work there, if possible.  The more research you can do, the more comfortable and prepared you will feel on your first day.  If the opportunity presents itself, try to go in ahead of your start date and meet some of the people you will be working with.  Apart from giving you a head start, this will create a great impression among your future bosses and workmates.

Base your choice of clothes on the dress code you observed at your interview.  Avoid being too casual, until you are confident about what is expected on a day-to-day basis.

First impressions play a big part, so take care to listen and observe in your first days and weeks before venturing your own opinions and suggestions – this way you will soon gain the trust and respect of your new colleagues.  Never be afraid to ask questions in your early days.  It will be seen as your enthusiasm to get to grips with your new role, not as a failing or weakness.

Be confident and believe in your own ability!  Remember you were offered this job because the Company believes that you are the best person to fulfil the role.