UK Strawberry Season is finally in full swing with a glut of strawberries expected.

It’s all gone Strawberry mad!

UK Strawberry Season is finally in full swing

Following a delay in the strawberry season due to weather, there’s now a glut of strawberries due to hit the supermarket shelves, because of…..yes you’ve guess it, the weather!

Us Brits love to talk about the weather don’t we! We just can’t help it!

But when it comes to growing and supplying fresh produce, it’s an industry that is so reliant on weather and the ideal weather conditions. The weather plays such an important role for so many suppliers, that it is often a hot topic of conversation.

This year’s strawberry season it seems has gone from one extreme to another!

Usually the UK strawberry season starts in late spring, but there was a delay of about 3 weeks due to a cold and damp May impacting the crops.

From delays in the strawberry season, to then a mini heatwave hot spell, has resulted in large volumes of strawberries expected over the coming weeks. The supermarkets are anticipating a glut of strawberries hitting the supermarket shelves, with Tesco reported to have bought an extra 400 tonnes of strawberries from UK suppliers, and slashing their prices.


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