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Staying positive in the Suffolk sun

We are fortunate at Tailor Made HQ to be based in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.

And it never looks finer than when the sun is shining, as it has been this week. Of course, our minds start to wander around Bank Holiday plans or dreaming of the beach, but it is still much more enjoyable driving into work surrounded by the morning sun than the drizzling rain.

For one thing, it is easier to get up with a spring in our step. For another, the sunshine makes us feel more positive about whatever challenges the day brings.

This positive thinking is a key – and often overlooked – ingredient when it comes to successful job hunting.

Our last blog touched upon the importance of bringing your personality to the interview room. You could have the best CV or application form in the pile but it will count for nothing if you are uninteresting or disinterested when being interviewed.

They want to feel you can fit into the existing team and be part of their plans for the future. A flat, lifeless interview will probably be a deciding factor.

So how do you let the sunshine into your interview?

Be yourself is number one, but also leave the interviewer in no doubt how much you want the job.

You may only get half an hour so but show the right level of passion and positivity, as well as expertise.

And what happens if you get knocked back and you don’t get the job?

However hard it may seem, you have to stay positive. Yes, the job market is tough but vacancies will come along and the right position will be there waiting for you.

As career coach Harry Freedman writes:

Staying positive is not always easy; in fact, it’s the hardest job search technique of all. It can feel artificial and pointless – and trying to stay positive and failing can even make you feel worse. But it’s critical that you don’t get bogged down by jobseeking and that employers can see your motivation.