Tractor in a field showing farmer harvesting

National Food Strategy Revealed

Review of UK’s food system to go ahead in the ‘field to fork’ National Food Strategy.

There’s big news for the food industry as the first major review of the UK’s food system is revealed in the ‘field to fork’ National Food Strategy.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has appointed Henry Dimbleby to lead the first major review of the UK food system in 75 years and pioneer ‘farm to fork’ revolution.

The year-long review will include Dimbleby and the strategy team speaking to people across the food chain – from farmers, to food suppliers, food manufacturers, to chefs, consulting with experts, and be built on evidence and analysis to produce the “trailblazing” new National Food Strategy.

National Food Strategy

The National Food Strategy will investigate the entire food system, from field to fork, and will consider what changes are needed to ensure that the strategy will:

1. Deliver safe, healthy and affordable food

2. Restore and enhance the natural environment

3. Contribute to our thriving  urban and rural economies

This will ensure that consumers will remain confident in the UK’s high food safety standards and can continue to trust in the food we eat now and in the future.

Find out more about the scope of the National Food Strategy HERE.

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You can read the Government ‘farm to fork’ National Food Strategy press release here.

Tractor in a field showing farmer harvesting

Farm to fork National Food Strategy